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Call for Applications:

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Best in class launchpad for your life changing healthtech journey

For the last three years, we have successfully helped dozens of bright entrepreneurs launch and fund their new HealthTech ventures. We have also enabled a smooth integration of over 40 tech leaders into leading positions at existing HealthTech companies. Our program is built from within 8400 - The Health Network, and we enjoy top-level mentors, including leading industry CEOs, as well as top-level lecturers and speakers. We're partnering with leading hospitals, research universities, and top venture funds in the industry, who have joined in funding the program and supporting our participants. Additionally, we are supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority and leverage the best resources of 8400, a network of 350 industry leaders and supportive programs.

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The SpearHealth program is your new HealthTech beginning

Do you have the vision, skills, and determination to revolutionize healthcare?

SpearHealth is the launchpad for tech entrepreneurs and executives ready to dive headfirst into the HealthTech sector.

Join our ranks and forge your path as a HealthTech game-changer, making an impact on countless lives.

SpearHealth Cohort #4

We are now launching SpearHealth Cohort #4, which features a comprehensive, multi-tiered educational program, complemented by a personalized approach for every participant. Our goal is to empower you on your path to success, whether that involves founding a new HealthTech venture or transitioning into an established organization. Throughout SpearHealth #4, you will meet peers, acquire the essential skills, knowledge, and support required to excel in the ever-evolving HealthTech landscape.

Program Overview

Cohort #4 of the SpearHealth program is an inspiring experience that will provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to excel in HealthTech entrepreneurship and executive roles.

SpearHealth Academy – one month period

During SpearHealth Academy, participants will be immersed in the world of HealthTech. Key industry and ecosystem leaders will introduce topics such as:

  • HealthTech sectors and concepts in healthcare delivery

  • Business models and healthcare economics

  • Regulatory strategy and reimbursement considerations

  • Stakeholder identification and emerging trends

​ The Academy provides a solid foundation for participants to understand the complexities of the HealthTech landscape, setting the stage for their future success.


At the end of the Academy period, venture ideas would be evaluated for their level of maturity, and those that fit would continue to SpearHealth Foundry.

SpearHealth Foundry – 3 months period

When you are ready and following a matching process you will continue to the SpearHealth Foundry.

This entrepreneurship platform offers tailored mentorship, consulting, and education to accelerate the successful founding of your ventures. Venture Development: Master the process of HealthTech venture creation, from ideation to scaling.

Navigating the financial maze of US healthcare system, and choosing your business model.

Participants in the SpearHealth Foundry will be introduced to key topics in funding a vital HealthTech venture, as:

  • HealthTech venture creation, unmet need and market validation

  • Navigating intellectual property and legal frameworks

  • Assembling and leading high-performance HealthTech teams

  • Fundraising process and managing investor relations


Executives who will not be continuing to the Foundry will have the opportunity to enjoy and be exposed to the HealthTech network and its potential employment opportunities.

Post-Graduation Benefits:

Upon completion of the program, graduates will join the growing active community of SpearHealth members. They will continue to benefit from ongoing learning, professional mentoring, and networking opportunities, ensuring long-term success in the HealthTech ecosystem.

When & Where

Submission deadline: 15 July, 2023

Academy first session: October 17, 2023 and then, bi-weekly for one month

Foundry initiation: November 28, 2023 and then, bi-monthly for three months

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Before you Apply

  • SpearHealth is looking for HealthTech entrepreneurs and executives who are passionate and committed about making a positive impact on healthcare and have the drive to create innovative solutions to pressing healthcare problems.

  • The program requires at least 90% attendance

  • Admission decisions will comply with equality, diversity, transparency and conflict of interest criteria

  • A participation fee of 1,200 NIS will be incurred (~10% of the full program cost per participant)

How to apply?

  • Interviews and reference checks will be held up until August 15, 2023

  • Admission offers will be made by August 31, 2023

  • Please apply using the application form button below.

  • Note: During the application process, you will be requested to submit the following:

  1. CV – up to 1 page

  2. Contact details of 2 references

  3. A short essay (up to 150 words) detailing your interest in HealthTech and what you hope to gain from the program. If you already have an idea or venture you're working on, do tell us about it.

3 successful cohorts

40 leaders joined the HealthTech industry

20 formed ventures

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