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About SpearHealth

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SpearHealth by 8400 propels tech entrepreneurs into HealthTech. It engages top leaders to disrupt the Israeli HealthTech ecosystem, creating a cross-disciplinary community of innovators. Over 100 successful graduates include startup founders who raised significant capital and executives who joined HealthTech ventures.

The SpearHealth program

The SpearHealth program cherry-picks top tech and business talent and provides them with a solid foundation to segue from High-Tech to HealthTech. During the program, participants are empowered with industry-specific knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities to fuel their HealthTech ventures or executive careers. The SpearHealth program provides a tailored approach to maximize participants' ability to make an impactful contribution to the local HealthTech ecosystem, whether it be by starting a new venture or joining an existing one.

The program consists the SpearHealth Academy, which introduces participants to the HealthTech landscape, principles, and concepts, and the SpearHealth Foundry, which offers content dedicated to venture formation, along with tailored mentorship to support the transformation of innovative ideas into reality.

During the program, participants are introduced to specifically crafted knowledge and tools, stakeholders, and trends that stimulate their HealthTech endeavors. Key industry and ecosystem leaders will be presenting case studies, workshops, and hands-on learning to introduce participants to HealthTech sectors.

Cohort #4 of the SpearHealth program is now accepting applications from ambitious tech entrepreneurs and executives with a passion for healthcare innovation. Don't miss this chance to transform your career and make a lasting impact in the HealthTech industry.

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The SpearHealth Network

Upon completing the program, SpearHealth graduates join the growing active community of SpearHealth members and gain access to ongoing learning, professional mentoring, networking events, and potential employment opportunities. The active community includes talented graduates who weave a supportive network, sharing their experiences, opportunities, and great moments with their peers.

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